A tenement with a Renaissance soul

The tenement no. 22 was erected in the first half of the 14th century. Back then it was inhabited by chapel carers – the church elite of that time. During the Renaissance age, Kanonicza Street was a place that brought together the noblest inhabitants of the city of Cracow. Court physicians, artists, historians, officials and poets lived here.

Cracow was the Polish capital until the end of the sixteenth century. It was here, at the Royal Castle, where the coronations and royal funerals were held. During the Swedish Deluge in 1655, many monuments and works of art from Cracow were stolen or destroyed. Fortunately, well-preserved historic polychromes from 1688 adorn the Royal Suite, located on the first floor of the house, to this day. On the wall there are also paintings of this era and ornate, hand-woven tapestries. In the second half of the seventeenth century, the house was extended with a second floor, which now houses the Prince Apartment. The room has an antique wooden bed. Apartment decor is complemented by hand-woven carpets with historic Cracow's designs. The third floor of the building was built in 1907 according to the design of an architect and conservator, Jan Sas-Zubrzycki. Kanonicza 22 is an example of a baroque Cracow town house.

Due to the special architectural, urban, historical and cultural qualities, the town house was entered into UNESCO World Heritage list in 1933.

Over many years different owners managed the premises. The building shows the ravages of time – it has survived many wars and renovations to regain its original and profound glitz and glamour in 2014, having undergone a long-term revitalisation program.

Nowadays, the boutique hotel astonishes visitors coming from all over the world, leaving ever-lasting memories from one’s trip to the magical city of Cracow. Kanonicza 22, located at the foot of Wawel Hill is an ideal combination of old and modern times.

The property is a historical monument entered into the framework of the "Kraków – historyczny zespół miasta" ["Cracow – historical city"] project by the order of the President of Poland from 08.09.1994.
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