World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2020

Dear Guests

"Pod Nosem" restaurant is in the honorable group of nominees in the 2020 World Luxury Restaurant Awards. This award aims to highlight the restaurant's special characteristics based on the quality of dishes and service standards in the luxury restaurant industry. World Luxury Restaurant Awards is a program for consumers, in which guests are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their favorite restaurant.

Restaurant „Pod Nosem”

allows guests to taste traditional Polish cuisine in a modern way. Everything through the selection of the best and the tastiest ingredients. Our team is deeply convinced that there is no better way than to experience exquisite meals, affecting both the sense of taste and the eye ... Neighborhood of the picturesque old town tenements provides these experiences at an unprecedented level.
To participate and evaluate a selected restaurant, all you have to do is go to the competition organizer's website and complete the application form. Luxurious restaurants will be evaluated in terms of interior design as well as a high standard, good quality and excellent service levels.
If you appreciate our culinary art, we will be very grateful if you give us your support.

Thank you!
KANONICZA 22, 31-002 KRAKÓW, POLSKA, +48 663 644 691 COMPANY

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