Caviar is served with blini, quail eggs and cream


Comes from the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii). It is characterized by an intense aroma that will satisfy the most demanding caviar gourmet. It comes in shades from black to light brown. It is also prepared with the traditional „Malossol” method which means „with a pinch of salt.”

4-stars Siberian

50 gr - 425 zł

the size of the roe ranges from 2.4 mm to 2.6 mm

This unique taste of caviar from Siberian sturgeon will seduce the senses and satisfy every gourmet. In elegant tins we will find fresh, nonpasteurized caviar with a unique flavour.

5-stars Siberian

30 gr - 275 zł

the diameter of the roe ranges from 2.6 mm to 2.7 mm

With an intense aroma. It’s nonpasteurised, completely natural, produced with attention to smallest details. With a velvety texture. Traditionally prepared Siberian sturgeon caviar will crown any exceptional meeting, banquet or a dinner for two.


Comes from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). It is appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world and is second most expensive caviar behind the world's most expensive caviar from the beluga. It has a unique, saturated taste with a slight nutty note. It comes in colours of: grey, brown and olive with golden highlights. Oscietra is prepared with the traditional „Malossol” method.

4-stars Oscietra

50g - 475,00 zł

the diameter of the roe ranges from 2.7 mm to 2.9 mm

It seduces your senses with a unique aroma. With a ravishing colour. It will satisfy expert gourmets.

5-stars Oscietra

30 gr - 325 zł

the diameter of the roe ranges from 2.9 mm to 3 mm

This delicate, rich flavor of caviar from Russian sturgeons have been seducing the senses of kings for centuries. With a clear nutty note. Iridescent golden roe. A feast for connoisseurs.
Vodka and Champagne recommended for Antonius Caviar

Wódka Potocki
40ml - 25 zł

Carte Blanche Brut NV
Bauget Jouette, Epernay
37.5cl - 205 zł
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